Howard Friedler

His degree is in psychology, his passion is in art. He’s been carving since he was a child, first experimenting in wood and clay, stone, prehistoric (legal) ivory, horn, antler, and finally gemstones. But when he began carving crystals internally, he invented a new form of art.

Friedler creates 360 degree scenes inside clear crystals. His designs are sometimes whimsical and sometimes elegant. He jokingly refers to them as “hollowgraphics”, but more seriously denotes them as “internal sculpture”. He especially likes carving detailed carousels and castles, characters and animals from mythology, dinosaurs and wolves.

Finding large, clear crystals is becoming increasingly more difficult and expensive so his pieces are often small, but phenomenally intricate. Howard Friedler is available for commissioned pieces, although it can take months to find the perfect crystal for a particular design and to execute the carving.

Nearly all carvings come with a certificate of authenticity produced by an independent appraiser.

For conversion 25mm = approximately 1 inch.